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The new normal means technology is a foundation of staying connected, at home, at work, to family, friends and customers.  Having a secure, reliable and fast network is the first step, but it can be complicated and confusing to get it right.  We take care of the details, so you can focus on what’s important.

Our Promise

rocketstreem’s promise is simple - we provide our clients with superfast, super reliable and super secure internet access and wifi connections!

Our Value

From an initial consultation, we understand your requirements and then take care of the details including design, configuration, installation and coordination to get everything set up with minimal disruption.

Growth guaranteed

All that is left for you, is to enjoy the new system. A connected digital business when and where your customers need to engage your brand!



What customers say about us

"With a large family, I was constantly hearing complaints from the kids about the Internet not working. We tried out a wifi extender solution, but it didn't solve the problem. Once I started working from home, it only got worse. rocketstreem listened to our challenges and quickly came up with an answer. Now I don't worry about the Internet being unreliable anymore - I can even access my wifi from the home gym and take wifi calls where I didn't even have signal before."
"After purchasing our house five years ago, we had continual network and bandwidth failings. We had several “experts" visit our house to advise on improving our network coverage and speed. Each “expert” failed to provide a workable solution. A friend referred rocketstreem to me. They quickly developed a solution for the home and our floorplan. We now have consistent coverage and speed across the different levels of the house. I only wish I had talked to them earlier as I am sure their pragmatic approach would have saved me a lot of money and frustration."


Retail solutions require you to do the research, decide on and purchase a product, set it up and see if it meets your needs.  This often results in frustration, wasted time and returning products to try something else. rocketstreem starts by understanding your unique situation including building construction, floor plan, other requirements, and designing a solution before you purchase any products.  Once we agree on the design, we take care of the rest.  We get you up and running faster, with less risk and more predictable results.

Absolutely!  Your ISP provides the connectivity to your premises for voice and data services.  Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your ISP connection to improve your coverage, performance, security and availability inside your property.

rocketstreem provides ongoing support of our solutions as part of our service offering.  We can often detect and resolve issues before there is a disruption to your service.  Email support is also available if you need to ask any questions before you make changes e.g. swapping service providers or adding new devices to your system.

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