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With work from home the new normal and schoolwork becoming digital the home network has never been more important.

WiFi deadspots?​

Poor WiFi coverage can lead to dropouts, poor quality streaming media, frustration and inconvenience. A WiFi extender can often help, however it is important to understand the best placement and whether a wired or mesh solution is right for you.

rocketstreem will help you improve wifi coverage and performance in your home. We will also secure and backup connections so you are protected from internet bad guys and service provider failures.

Parental Controls

Wondering how to create a safe and balanced Internet experience for your for children? We can help you reduce the risk of children access adult content, implementing device time limits and more. Touch base with us to learn more.

Home Network Solutions, Northern Beaches


Keeping your computers and network devices up to date with patches and updates isn’t always easy. Being out of date can expose you to Malware, Virus or cyber attacks.

rocketstreem offers ongoing support, upgrades and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Discover rocketstreem and supercharge your network