LENOVO ThinkSystem ST650 V2 RTX 4000 GPU Power Cable Kit


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ThinkSystem ST650 V2 RTX 4000 GPU Power Cable Kit
320mm power cable for slots 1-4
660 mm power cable for slots 5-8

Purpose : Auxiliary power cable for NVIDIA RTX 4000. Use the cable that matches the slot where the GPU is installed.

Configuration rules:

• Some NVIDIA A Series GPUs are available as two feature codes, one with a CEC chip and one without a CEC chip (ones without the CEC chip have ‘w/o CEC’ in the name). The CEC is a secondary Hardware Root of Trust (RoT) module that provides an additional layer of security, which can be used by customers who have high regulatory requirements or high security standards. NVIDIA uses a multi-layered security model and hence the protection offered by the primary Root of Trust embedded in the GPU is expected to be sufficient for most customers. The CEC defeatured products still offer Secure Boot, Secure Firmware Update, Firmware Rollback Protection, and In-Band Firmware Update Disable. Specifically, without the CEC chip, the GPU does not support Key Revocation, Firmware Attestation, and Out-Of-Band Firmware Upgrade. CEC and non-CEC GPUs of the same type of GPU can be mixed in field upgrades.
• All GPUs installed in a zone must be identical
• Dual-rotor cooling fans are required
• For the RTX A6000 and RTX 4000 GPUs, when the GPU is installed in a zone, a RAID card or HBA cannot also be installed in that zone
• When any GPUs are installed, only two backplanes are supported and no optical drive or tape drive can be installed.

For information about these GPUs, see the ThinkSystem GPU Summary, available at:

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