Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop Wired USB Mouse & Keyboard Black( LS)


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Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop USB Mouse & Keyboard Black

Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse
Connection interface :Wired USB 2.0, full speed, Type A
Compatibility2:Microsoft Windows 10/8.1/7
Dimensions:4.63 x 3.03 x 1.66 in (117.5 x 76.3 x 42.3 mm)
Weight:4.15 oz including cable; 2.976 oz mouse only (104.5 g including cable; 75 g mouse only)

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
Connection interface :Wired USB 2.0, low speed, Type A
Compatibility2 :Microsoft Windows 10
Limited functionality Windows 8.1/7 (Office and Emoji keys have no function)
Dimensions :19.13 × 10.28 × 2.92 in (485.8 × 261.2 × 74.1 mm) with front tilt leg
Weight :35.98 oz including cable (1020 g) with front tilt leg
Colour :Black
Warranty :1-year limited warranty
Technology details :
Hot key features: Favourite keys (1/2/3), media keys (Mute/Vol+/Vol-/Music/Previous Track, Play/Pause/Next Track), Calculator, Snipping, TaskView, SysLock, Search
Product feature performance :
Customisable features:2 Favourite key reassignment; media key reassignment; LED indicator management (Num Lk, Caps Lk, Scroll Lk); Enable/Disable Application key; Emoji key reassignment (can only be assigned to Application key)
Warranty:1-year limited warranty
Technology details:
Mouse tracking system: Microsoft BlueTrack™ Technology
Imaging rate: Dynamically adaptable to 3,000 frames per second
X-Y resolution: 1,000 points per inch (39.4 points per millimetre)
Tracking speed: Up to 30 inches (762 millimetres) per second
Product feature performance:
Mouse button features: 5 buttons: left, right, wheel, side button ×2 (press and hold to pair)
Scrolling features: Metal wheel for vertical scrolling and wheel button clicking
Customisable features:2 Adjust X-Y resolution; reassign wheel button function; swap left and right click; customise wheel

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Weight 1.66 kg
Dimensions 302 × 590 × 66 cm


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