PowerShield Centurion 3000VA True On-Line Tower UPS requires 15amp (PSCE3000)


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The PowerShield Centurion UPS provides a permanent backup power solution for sensitive devices such as medical equipment and internet routers.
Use Power Shield Centurion to protect:

•Critical power applications
•Items in remote areas (over 30 kms outside of city grid)
•Where light to heavy industrial equipment is utilised
•Where generators are present
•Applications that require remote connectivity

Tower Features:

•True Online Double Conversion
•Wide input voltage range
•Input power factor correction 0.98
•50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
•Programmable power outlets
•Emergency power off function (EPO)
•Optional Eco-mode operation for energy saving
•Generator compatible
•Backup time for all models is easily extended by simply plugging additional battery banks
•Battery banks are available with internal charger to enable fast recharge even with large battery banks
•USB, RS232, SNMP and AS400 multiple communications availalble
•Extendable maintenance bypass available for all

Additional information

Weight 29.32 kg
Dimensions 562 × 320 × 460 cm


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