Yealink UVC84 BYOD Teams Video Conference Kit For Large Rooms, 1x UVC84, MSpeaker II, 2x VCM34 Microphones


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The UVC84-BYOD meeting kits is designed for medium and large rooms, providing an excellent video and audio experience at a lower cost. This UVC84-BYOD-210 kit comes with a 20MP camera supporting 4k that captures everyone in the meeting room clearly along with the 2x VCM34 array table microphones and the MSpeaker II, all connected to the BYOD Box (BYOD-Box, must be purchased separately) for a clean and simple plug and play with your own device, taking up a single USB port, it is also capable of charging your laptop via a Type-C cable to ensure endurance for long-term meetings.

Easy to Deploy, One Step to Start a Meeting
To deploy the UVC84-BYOD meeting kit, you only need to connect the VCM34 Array mics and MSpeaker II into the UVC84 Camera and the UVC84 to the BYOD box (BYOD-Box sold separately). With the easy plug & play setup, you can plug the Type-C cable into your laptop without installing extra drivers and save time for your big ideas.

Auto-framing & smart audio
Yealink UVC84 camera allows for the auto-framing of all participants present at a meeting, freeing your hands and focusing on the meeting itself. Meanwhile, with the Yealink camera control plug-in and camera presets supported, the mechanical pan, tilt and zoom can be easily done quietly in one step. Empowered with 12x optical zoom, UVC84 supports 4K video calls that conducts business to capture everyone in the meeting room clearly.
*Does not Include BYOD Box*

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